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Appium Intensive Classes
Course Description

The process of Mobile testing involves verification of the functionality and performance of mobile applications. An Appium is a mobile testing tool used to automate the entire Mobile testing process. Appium is useful in testing both iOS and Android applications. Since it is a free and an open-source tool, it is extensively used for automating native, hybrid and web applications. From a student’s context, it is important to note that Appium is a popular testing tool for mobiles and is great for someone to get into the mobile testing domain. It is very popular with beginners due to the following factors: Appium is easy to install and use and has a vast range of documentation and community support Since it supports cross-platform applications, it allows testers to write tests in multiple programming languages Given the fact that more than 90% of the world’s population access the Internet on a mobile device, the career prospects are excellent There is a perennial demand for Appium testers and hence the remuneration is very attractive Since every company wants to develop mobile apps and we are at a nascent stage in the usage of mobile devices, the opportunity is unlimited for Mobile testers and hence is future-proof The career prospects for students who have learnt Appium testing is in fact, infinite, as everyone from a Small and Medium Enterprise to large Multi-national Corporations is introducing Mobile Applications to capture customer interest and increase their market share.

Main features

  • Fundamentals.
  • Advanced Course

Course Curriculum

  • What is Web
  • What are the Requirements to build End to End Web Application?
  • What are the Challenges in modern web development?
  • Typescript Deep Dive-Type Script Architecture?
  • Basic Types?
  • Variable declarations.
  • Interfaces, Classes, Functions, Generics, Enums, Type inference.
  • Type compatibility, Advanced types, Symbols, Iterators, Modules Namespaces.
  • Namespaces vs modules, Module resolution declaration merging, Decorators
  • Introduction To Angular.

Course Pre-requisites

  • For all Graduates
  • Manual Testing Knowledge is required

What You`ll Learn on This Course

  • Live Sessions
  • Lab Sessions
  • Free demos
  • Free Tutorials
  • Resume
  • Recorded Videos
  • Certification
  • Mock Interviews
  • Real-time Project Implementation
  • 830 Students Enrolled
  • Duration: 25-30 hours
  • Language: English
  • Sessions: 25+
  • Levels: Beginner to Advanced
  • Time: Online Classes & Weekend Classes
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