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Course Description

Core Java covers the basic concepts of Java Programming language. Beginners with no knowledge of coding will Core Java easy as it is the first step to mastering Java. Only after one understands this concept can someone get into Advanced Java. One should also understand that Core Java is the foundation for the remaining Java editions. Core Java is based on single-tier architecture and is generally used for developing desktop and computing applications. It covers core topics such as OOPs, Inheritance, Exception Handling, etc. For students who wish to enter this sector, it is a wise decision to study Core Java before venturing into other advanced topics in Java.

The significant advantage for students regarding Core Java is: It is an evolving programming language It is the anchor on which Android applications are developed Core Java has rich APIs which make it easy to use It has unlimited open-source libraries The development tools in Core Java are reliable Demand for Java developers in India is exponential Another vital aspect to be considered for students is that Java is platform-independent and that there is a huge Java programming community ready to support at any step. Students taking up this course will understand the fundamentals of Java along with OOPs concepts, Inheritance, Exception Handling, Packages, Collections and Multi-threading. As discussed earlier, since Core Java is the first step in the journey towards achieving expertise in Java, students would be wise and lucrative to look for a career in this booming field.

Main features

Course Curriculum
    • Need of computer languages?
    • Platform dependency and Platform Independency?
    • Introduction to Java?
    • JDK includes
    • Structure of Java-application?
    • Class keyword and its naming convention
    • Class naming convention
    • Why main has public access.
    • Why main has static modifier
    • Why return type is void
    • System.out.println() description
    • Introduction to variables and identifiers.
    • Type of variables
    • Memory construction and destruction of variables
    • Rules to create variables
    • Naming conventions of variables
Pre-requisites :
    • For all Graduates
    • Manual Testing Knowledge required
What You`ll Learn on This Course :
    • Live Sessions
    • Lab Sessions
    • Free demos
    • Free Tutorials
    • Resume
    • Recorded Videos
    • Certification
    • Mock Interviews
    • Real time Project implementation
  • 604 Students Enrolled
  • Duration: 45-50 hours
  • Language : English
  • Sessions: 50+
  • Levels : Beginner to Advanced
  • Time : Online Classes & Weekend Classes
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