Selenium with Java

Dinesh Raju

Experience : 12+ Years

Selenium With Java Online Classes

Course Description

Selenium is an open-source project for a range of tools and libraries that can automate web browsers. That is why testers rely on Selenium as it has very unique and powerful automation capabilities. Selenium supports a range of browsers and automates web applications. Another advantage with Selenium is that it can be used in sync with not only a number of other operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. but also multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, etc. Selenium is in fact, a boon for testers as it supports Java and Java, as we all know, is the dominant programming language in the world. For students wanting to master testing, learning Selenium with Java is the only logical step. There are several reasons to it.

The most important reason is that Java can be run on a variety of platforms and hence can run on all operating systems. Even after the advent of several programming languages, many testers still use Java and hence there is a tremendous scope for knowledge sharing. We would also like to note that most of the Selenium testers use Selenium Java binding. Also, it is well known that Java is a well-structured and object-oriented language and hence it is very easy for students, especially amateurs in the IT field to learn Java and progress further.

Java, as a language, is extremely powerful and possesses great execution speed which makes it ideal to be used in commercial setups. For students with Zero coding knowledge and experience in the software field, another crucial aspect is that Java is exceptionally good at handling errors and provides good feedback. In fact, for such students, Java is very easy to use and master with minimal effort and in a short period. Since its syntax is similar to the English language, writing and compiling in Java is a breeze, even for people with little knowledge in IT. Therefore, Java is still the language of choice and hence it is important that every aspiring tester learns Selenium with Java.

Main features

  • Fundamentals
  • Advance Course

Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

  • Meaning of Testing? Types of Software Testing?
  • Limitations in Manual testing
  • How Automation Testing challenges Manual Testing?
  • Automation tool work process?
  • Role of programming in test automation
  • Looping Control Statements – for, while, do-while
  • Jumping statement – break and continue
  • JAVA Arrays and Strings
  • What is Selenium? What are the components of Selenium?
  • What are the Features & Limitations of Selenium Web Driver?
  • Essential components of JAVA for Selenium
  • JAVA, Eclipse IDE Environment setup
  • Write Basic Java programs?
  • Java Variables, JAVA Data Types and Java Operators
  • Conditional Controls Statements – if, if else, switch case

Course Pre-requisites

  • For all Graduates
  • Manual Testing Knowledge is required

What You`ll Learn on This Course

  • Live Sessions
  • Lab Sessions
  • Free demos
  • Free Tutorials
  • Resume
  • Recorded Videos
  • Certification
  • Mock Interviews
  • Real-time Project Implementation
  • 759 Students Enrolled
  • Duration: 40-45 hours
  • Language: English
  • Sessions: 40+
  • Levels: Beginner to Advanced
  • Time: Online Classes & Weekend Classes
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