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Course Description

Everything that you see happening in terms of connected cars, refrigerators, kitchen appliances, etc. is made possible through IOT. Several different technologies such as Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Artificial intelligence combined with low-cost and reliable sensors have given an impetus to Internet of Things.

Now that you know what IOT is, you might be wondering the practical ways in which it can be used. Yes, there are several ways in which IOT can transform our lives and you would do well to learn this technology from us at Coding Masters as it is still its infancy and we have not even scratched the surface. No wonder, IOT is sometimes described as the fourth Industrial Revolution. From a broader perspective, the most common uses of IOT on an Industrial scale are:

Establishment of Smart cities and Smart manufacturing units Assets and crucial Infrastructure such as Power and Energy for predictive and preventive maintenance Linking of supply chains and making them smarter Integrated and connected logistics All these might look complex to you, but learning IOT to advance your career is not that complicated.

However, you need to know the basics of programming languages, electrical and electronic components, networking, and hardware. None of this is difficult if you choose Coding Masters for your training needs. Our seasoned and qualified trainers not only understand IOT but have also worked on these evolving technologies and understand it from a practical perspective. They will get you up to speed with the latest technologies and protocols necessary for you to be an expert in IOT and ultimately, make you industry ready. So, do not wait for the right moment and miss the bus, especially when it comes to learning advanced technologies like IOT. Call our counsellors and book your slot today!!!

Main features

Course Curriculum

    • What is IoT?
    • How IoT is applied in different domains?
    • Use cases ranging from Smart Cities to IoT
    • How large is the IoT Market in different domains?
    • IoT Architecture ,IoT Technology stack ,Sensors & Actuators ,Hardware Platforms.
    • Wireless Communication Protocols ,Network communication Protocols ,Cloud, its components and IoT , Data Streaming in IoT.
    • Data Store and IoT ,Analytics & Visualization for IoT ,Sensor & Actuator ,What is Sensor & Actuator? ,What is a good sensor?
    • Sensor properties and their classification ,Types of Sensors & Actuators ,Working of typical Sensors and Actuators.
    • Categories of sensors Commercial/Industrial/Military/Medical/Food grade sensors
    • Selecting a sensor for your use case
    • IoT Hardware Platform & comparison.
    • Criteria for selecting Hardware platform.


    • For all Graduates
    • No Technical Knowledge required

Course Integrated

    • Live Sessions
    • Lab Sessions
    • Free Tutorials
    • Free demos
    • Recorded Videos
    • Resume
    • MockInterviews
    • Certification
    • Real-time Project Implementation


  • 640 Students Enrolled
  • Duration: 35-40 hours
  • Language: English
  • Sessions: 35+
  • Levels: Beginner to Advanced
  • Time: Online Classes & Weekend Classes
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At Coding Masters, our faculty team comprises of talented and experienced professionals with several decades of actual work experience in the Software industry.

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