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Another important aspect to be considered is that each scenario in a BDD describes user behaviour and ultimately its impact on the system state. Behaviour-driven development is an agile software development methodology which is uniquely built on the pillars of communication and collaboration among key stakeholders. As beginners in this field, you should know the advantages of Guidewire testing before you start learning this tool and make a career in this field. Hence, let us look at the below advantages. Guidewire Testing saves time and yes, a lot of money: Who does not love to save these two critical components in the software industry? Unlike manual testing which is very resource intensive and time consuming along with being error prone, automated testing tools like Guidewire testing serve as a boon to testers.

Guidewire testing frameworks enable testers to execute tests much faster compared to manual testing and in some cases, reduce execution time to a few minutes. Consequently, the problems are identified and are thus resolved sooner. Provides confidence to testing teams and the management: Since Guidewire Testing framework follows an Agile methodology, tests are executed using specific processes to ensure the best possible results. Hence, automated regression testing using this methodology helps in easier detection of potential issues and provides comfort and confidence to teams, managers and the organisation as a whole. Time to market is increased drastically:

This framework allows users to test new features without any delay and hence software can be released much faster. This also allows firms to be dynamic, agile and respond to market requirements in the fastest possible time. Team management: As mentioned above, the scope for saving time and efforts using this framework is immense. Add to this is the fact that reporting of metrics is easier and more convenient compared to manual testing tools. This in turn allows more time to generate new ideas among teams and helps organizations become more successful. After all this, am sure you would want to know how easy it is for someone new to learn this tool. You would be surprised to know that there are no pre-requisites to learn Guidewire. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Java can learn this very easily and can aspire to complete the course in less than 2 months with proper training and practice. So, what are you waiting for? Call our counsellors and gain your foothold in the fast growing IT industry.

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Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Guidewire

  • Introduction To PolicyCenter
  • PolicyCenter Overview
  • Policy File, Account
Policy Transactions
  • Submissions 1: Quick Quotes
  • Submissions 1: Full Application Quotes
  • Renewalss
  • Policy Changes
  • The Cancellation Transaction Set
  • Out-of-Sequence Transactions ,Merging and Splitting Accounts ,Documents, Notes, Forms ,The Product Model ,Introduction to Product Model ,Products and Policy Lines.
  • Availability, Coverage ,Coverage Term, Modifier , Question Sets ,PC Configuration ,Introduction to PC Config.
  • Policy Center Data Model ,Location Group and Pages ,ob Wizard, Job Lifecycle ,Activities, Creating and Assigning Activities.
  • For all Graduates
  • No Technical Knowledge required
Course Integrated
  • Live Sessions
  • Lab Sessions
  • Free Tutorials
  • Free demos
  • Recorded Videos
  • Resume
  • Mock Interviews
  • Certification
  • Real time Project implementation
  • 623 Students Enrolled
  • Duration: 30-35 hours
  • Language : English
  • Sessions: 35+
  • Levels : Beginner to Advanced
  • Time : Online Classes & Weekend Classes
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