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The acronym QTP stands for Quick Test Professional and is a testing tool that was developed by Hewlett-Packard. It aids testers in seamless testing of automated functions with out monitoring. QTP is now known as UFT, which stands for Unified Functional Tester. It is a functional testing tool and is best suited for regression testing. If you are new to the field of testing, learning UFT is very important for the following reasons: Integration – UFT can be integrated with various Test Management tools Maintenance – The tool is easy to maintain and hence convenient for beginners in this domain Supports multiple frameworks and add-ins – It supports diverse add-ins such as Oracle, SAP, Java, NET, PeopleSoft, etc. apart from supporting XML, Recording and Playback Considering your career prospects as a tester, you should also be delighted to know that UFT is a very popular software testing tool. It works on Windows OS and supports several current technologies such as Active X, Delphi, Web Services, etc. Apart from fetching lucrative jobs in the IT sector, it also comes to the rescue of students in the following ways. It is an icon-based tool and hence it is effortless to understand and execute in real-time Its usability is consistent, both for technical and non-technical testers The tool helps in uninterrupted testing You do not need to be a highly skilled coder to use this tool Since it can also be used in Mobile testing, once you learn to use it, you are future-ready when it comes to implementation of new technologies

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Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum


Introduction to Automation Testing

  • What is Automation Testing?
  • Benefits of Automation Testing?
  • Manual Testing vs. Automation Testing
  • Types of Automation Testing Tools
  • Tool selection Criteria
  • Automation Testing Process
  • When should Test Automation be used?
  • When should Test Automation be avoided?
  • Introduction to QuickTest.
  • Overview of Add-In Manager and QuickTest.
  • QuickTest Window and Tools.
  • QuickTest Commands.
  • Tools in QuickTest.


Record and PlayBack



Recording a Test

Understanding your recorded Test.

Executing a Test.

Different Recording Levels.

Default Recording.




  • For all Graduates
  • No Technical Knowledge required


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  • Certification
  • Real time Project implementation
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  • Duration: 25-30 hours
  • Language : English
  • Sessions: 25+
  • Levels : Beginner to Advanced
  • Time : Online Classes & Weekend Classes
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