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TOSCA or The Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications is an open-source language. It is an automation testing tool used specifically for functional and regression testing of various software products The tool was developed by TRICENTIS Technology & Consulting GmbH, an Austrian company and was created in VB6, C#, and Java. It is basically a tool for testing enterprise software and offers a complete functionality of the test cases and ultimately provides an effective test management process. Tosca comes with a host of benefits.

Some of the major ones are: It has the advantage of Script-less automation Since it is based on a Model based framework, there is no additional framework to e written The entire automation process can be preponed since it is easy to learn and hence training can be expedited Presence of manual testing and Test Management Supports a range of Programming languages and multiple platforms Handles GUI and Non-GUI tests apart from manual and automated testing Provides comprehensive reports that also point out system deficiencies and weaknesses Regular updates are provided with quality support from the vendor These have ensured that Tosca remains a popular tool in the testing domain. For students and beginners, it also has the biggest advantage in terms of removal of entry barriers to this field and that is you do not need any coding experience to operate this tool.

This along with the fact that it is licensed and comes with a dedicated support system provides ample evidence that this tool is future-proof and hence beginners, even without any technical experience can learn this and gain a foothold in the IT sector.

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Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum
  • What is Testing?
  • Ways of Testing the application
  • Draw back of Manual Testing
  • Advantages of Automation Testing
  • What is Manual Testing
  • How to Write Manual Test Case
  • How to execute Manual Test Case
  • How to Write a Defect/Bug
  • Defect life cycle
  • What is function testing
  • What is Retesting
  • What is Regression testing
  • What is Smoke/Sanity testing
  • What is Agile Methodology
  • Purpose of Defect triage calls
Course Pre-Requisites
  • For all Graduates
  • Manual Testing Knowledge required
What You`ll Learn on This Course
  • Live Sessions
  • Lab Sessions
  • Free demos
  • Free Tutorials
  • Resume
  • Recorded Videos
  • Certification
  • Mock Interview
  • Real time Projects Implantation
  • 949 Students Enrolled
  • Duration: 30-35 hours
  • Language : English
  • Sessions: 30+
  • Levels : Beginner to Advanced
  • Time : Online Classes & Weekend Classes
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